Support Your Library

Seattle loves its libraries. They enrich the lives of everyone in our community, regardless of age or economic circumstance. Donating to The Seattle Public Library Foundation is a way for people who believe in the power of public libraries to change lives and to help keep our Library strong. Learn more in our Case for Support.

Want to be a Page Turner?

The Seattle Public Library Foundation is starting a monthly giving program, the Page Turners. It’s for people who can’t wait to see what the Library offers next! It’s a special kind of giving that:

  • Is easy, convenient, and allows you to keep supporting the Library month after month for as long as you want.
  • Reduces the mail you get, lowering our costs, so more funds go to serving the patrons of the Library.
  • Makes you feel a part of the ongoing work of the Library assuring our patrons continue to have access to information and new skills.
  • Allows you to receive annual donor benefits immediately that can include private author receptions.

Monthly givers are also critical to the Library Foundation’s success because your regular support lets us plan for the future. Click here to become a Page Turner now!