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Seattle loves its libraries. They enrich the lives of everyone in our community, regardless of age or economic circumstance. Donating to The Seattle Public Library Foundation is a way for people who believe in the power of public libraries to change lives and to help keep our Library strong. Learn more in our Case for Support.

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book heart smallerWhen you need to understand something truly…deeply…beyond the click of a mouse…the Library is there for you. When you need a space to work, to connect with others, or just sit and read, the Library is there, too.

Can you imagine what life would be like without the Library?

In our information-rich, knowledge-based society, your help providing access to resources for learning to everyone is more important than ever.

Every day The Seattle Public Library opens its doors, both physically and online, to welcome people who want to learn and improve their lives. Your support of The Seattle Public Library Foundation helps keep the shelves full and allows the Library to serve the community in new ways.

Help us keep our Library and our community strong by giving as generously as you can to our year-end appeal.

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